Former Miss USA Susie Castillo “molested” by TSA at DFW airport

The latest in a string of complaints about airport screeners (who can forget the frisking of the 6-year-old in New Orleans) comes from former Miss USA Susie Castillo, who made a video of her experience last Thursday morning at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Castillo, who is near tears in the video, said that a female screener repeatedly touched her inappropriately during a full body pat-down.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would make me cry,” she says in the video. “I’m really really upset that, as an American, I have to go through this. I do feel violated. This woman touched my vagina four times.”

After she complained, a Transportation Security Administration supervisor gave her a form to fill out.

Needless to say, Castillo is not quite satisfied with that.

Here’s her blog post on the incident, which includes a scan of her complaint card.

–Jason Trahan/Reporter

Source: Crime Blog