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Congressman wants details from DOJ on follow-up to Holy Land Foundation case

Rep. Peter King, Republican of New York (pictured, with the president), is now seeking answers from Obama’s Justice Department about the apparent decision to allegedly shut down what would have been “Round 2” in the North Texas-based Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing investigation.

Last week, a report surfaced alleging that the decision was made by high-level DOJ political appointees who were supposedly fearful of being accused of Muslim bashing. The report centers on a “declination of prosecution” memo generated in Washington that purports to outline the reasons not to pursue terrorism support charges against one of the founding members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has close ties to the now defunct Holy Land charity.

King, of course, is the lawmaker who held a controversial Congressional hearing last month exploring radical Muslim threats inside the U.S. Evidence from the Holy Land trial, particularly on the Muslim Brotherhood, has factored significantly in the discussions surrounding the hearing, which has been labeled modern-day McCarthyism by some.

Click below to read King’s letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.

–Jason Trahan/Reporter

Source: Crime Blog

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