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Dallas police officer recommended for terminators after investigators find he fabricated police records

Assistant Chief Vince Golbeck recommended that a 13-year veteran be fired after internal investigators concluded he lied in two separate police reports.

Golbeck made the recommendation on Senior Cpl. Avery Redd during a disciplinary hearing Thursday.

“It’s very bizarre,” he said. “How can you trust an individual once that occurs. How can he restore our trust when he fabricates such information?”

The investigation of Redd began after another officer complained to supervisors that Redd had asked him to clock him out 20 minutes early from an off-duty security job at a truck stop. Investigators believe this may be why he fabricated police records in an attempt to explain why he left early.

In one report, Redd completed a police report on Feb. 24 stating that he arrested a woman for criminal trespass three days earlier. Records showed he had not arrested the woman as he had written in his report.

Investigators also found that he wrote another police report on Feb. 24 stating that he had found a black looking weapon on the dashboard of an 18-wheeler truck on Feb . 21 and had placed it in the property room.

A check revealed he had not placed it in the property room at that point as his report stated, officials say.

But on March 18, he placed an object in the property room which he said was the gun that he had found in the 18 wheeler. He listed as having a serial number as if it real gun.

It turned out that the object was actually a toy gun and did not have any serial number on it, internal affairs records show.

Golbeck said what is ironic about the whole thing is that Redd probably would not have gotten any discipline for leaving the job early because the corporate office wasn’t interested in pursuing the m matter.

–Tanya Eiserer/Reporter

Source: Crime Blog

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