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Rape and Sexual Assault Defense

If you are accused of a sex offense or if you have been arrested and formally charged with a sex crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or anywhere in North Texas, it is vitally important to contact an attorney who has substantial experience and a proven record of success in these cases.

As a criminal defense trial attorneys, we have over 45 years of combined legal experience defending clients charged with serious offenses, including sex crimes such as:

  • Rape, sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault
  • Date rape and acquaintance rape (including cases involving the use of intoxicants such as Rohibnol, often known as rufies)
  • Sexual assault of a child

If you are accused of sexual assault or any other sex crime, you need a defense lawyer who will not only protect your rights against overzealous police investigators and prosecutors, but who can also address any potential media attention and damage to your personal and professional reputation.

We have substantial experience challenging the witness testimony and other evidence in these cases. In many sexual assault prosecutions, your lawyer’s ability to effectively present your side of the story to the prosecutors, the judge and the jury can make an enormous difference in the ultimate outcome of your case. Without skilled representation, even a false allegation with little supporting evidence can result in a life sentence.

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People falsely or unfairly accused of sexual offenses often have a difficult time believing that they could be convicted. Without the help of an experienced and aggressive lawyer, it is very easy to make mistakes that could seriously damage your defense. If you are facing charges of sexual assault or a related crime in North Texas, I can help. Call us today at 214-750-8555 or send us an e-mail now to schedule a free consultation. Se habla español.

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