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Driver’s License Suspension

An arrest for DWI will automatically result in the revocation of your driver’s license, unless you request an administrative hearing within 15 calendar days of your arrest. This is in addition to possible penalties you face for a criminal conviction on the charge.

The loss of your driver’s license is more than an inconvenience, because it can prevent you from earning a living and conducting your life on a normal basis. However, it may be possible to prevent the loss, or at least obtain an occupational license that allows you to drive for certain purposes.

Dallas Driver’s License Restoration Lawyers

JudinLaw has represented hundreds of people accused of DWI the Dallas area and North Texas and we have over 30 years legal experience.  We believe in providing a strong defense in both the criminal and administrative proceedings, designed to minimize the penalties his clients face.

Call (214) 750-8555 for a free consultation with the Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III. We want to keep you on the road.

The Uses of the Administrative Hearing

It is wise to have the same firm represent you in both the administrative and criminal proceedings. Because your driver’s license hearing will occur before the criminal proceeding, it provides a huge opportunity to discover the strength of the evidence against you. It forces the police to commit to certain facts. If they have not done their work properly, we may be able use that to your advantage – to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license and in the defense of your DWI charge.

As well as working to protect the driver’s licenses of clients, JudinLaw seeks the reinstatement of driver’s licenses.

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