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Federal Crimes Can Bring Huge Penalities.

Federal Fraud Charges | Federal Embezzlement & Money Laundering |  Federal Drug Charges

Indictment on a federal charge is a serious criminal law matter. It requires a serious criminal defense. At the JudinLaw, we handle federal indictments, grand jury investigations, and federal sentencing matters in the Northern District of Texas and the other Texas federal courts. Dallas criminal defense lawyer at Judin Lqw Firm have over 30 years of experience handling tough cases. We provide an effective voice for clients who are facing serious charges in federal court.

To discuss a federal indictment in Texas, or an ongoing investigation, call Dallas federal criminal defense lawyers, JudinLaw. We handle federal crime matters involving investigations by the FBI, the DEA, and state and local law enforcement agencies. Defense attorney Hank Judin works through the federal guidelines with prosecutors to negotiate more lenient sentences in matters involving:



  • Drug offenses – involving substantial quantities of controlled substances, interstate transportation, or drug trafficking conspiracies
  • Fraud – Bank fraud, mail fraud, internet fraud
  • Bank robbery
  • Embezzlement

Are you under investigation?

If you believe you are under investigation, call an attorney as soon as possible. Do not wait until you are indicted to begin your defense. The sooner we begin our own investigation into the facts, the better for you later on.

At the JudinLaw, we offer free initial consultations for people facing federal charges. If you need effective representation in federal court, an experienced defense attorney can make a difference. Contact Dallas federal criminal defense attorneys, JudinLaw.

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