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First Time DWI or DUI in North Texas

A conviction for DWI or DUI in Texas can result in serious penalties, including substantial fines, the loss of your driver’s license, and even jail time. Unless it is properly handled, it will follow you throughout your life.

To deal successfully with your arrest, you need an experienced DWI defense lawyer who can protect your rights, mitigate the penalties you face, and on many occasions, overcome the charge completely. Hank Judin has successfully represented hundreds of clients accused of a first time DWI offense in the Dallas area, as well as those who have had two or more DWI arrests.

JudinLaw will work to develop a strong and effective defense for you. Call (214) 750-8555 to arrange for a free consultation.

DWI Arrest Creates Two Legal Problems

An arrest for driving while intoxicated initiates two legal proceedings — one criminal and the other an administrative procedure that can result in the loss of your driver’s license unless you take corrective action within 15 days.

Our firm may be able to prevent the loss of your driver’s license by requesting a hearing within 15 calendar days of your arrest. We can use this hearing to try and prevent a license suspension, establish facts to use in your criminal defense, and if suspended, obtain an occupational license for you.

A Failed Breath Test isn’t The End of Your Case

Even if you blew over .08% during a breath test, your case may not be over.

As experienced DWI defense attorneys, JudinLaw has succeeded in numerous cases.  Handling a first time DWI offense can differ significantly from multiple DWI arrests.  We look at things like: Was the police officer justified in stopping your vehicle? Were your constitutional rights protected during and after the investigation? Was the breath testing done properly?

Our firm will investigate these and other questions. If a defense on these grounds are possible, we will seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge, a negotiated plea, or a vigorous defense of the charge at trial.

Even When the State’s Case Is Strong, You Need An Experienced DUI / DWI Attorney

We do not push expensive defense campaigns when they are unnecessary or ultimately unhelpful to the client. When the State’s evidence is strong, the best strategy for a person accused of a first time drunk driving offense may be a plea which minimizes the penalties you face. Our firm can discuss these options with you. If this is your choice, we will seek a negotiated outcome with minimal penalties, so that you can put the vent behind you and move forward in your life.

For a free initial consultation with the Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III about a first time DWI offense, call (214) 750-8555 or send us an e-mail.

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