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Charges of a Violent Nature have Serious Consequences. Be prepared.

Assault and Battery Charges | Vehicular Homicide or Assault | Domestic Violence | Fighting Restraining Orders | Gun Crimes & Weapons Charges


Regardless of your circumstances, a skilled criminal defense attorney can improve your situation. In some cases with nearly identical facts, the experience of the defense attorney can mean the difference between a dropped charge and a prison sentence. When conviction cannot be avoided, an effective criminal defense attorney can frequently secure reduced sentences or alternatives to incarceration.

At the Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III we are committed to providing strong representation for all clients. Our Dallas criminal defense practice is committed to pursuing the legal avenues that provide for the best interests of our clients and their families.

In a serious criminal matter, an experienced defense attorney is always a good investment.

Dallas criminal defense lawyer Hank Judin handles a wide range of violent crime matters in Texas. We serve clients in cases involving:

Fatal Accidents

In fatal accident cases involving possible criminal charges, Texas criminal defense attorney Hank Judin prepare clients for grand jury appearances.

Call an attorney before you talk to the police

At the Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III we offer free initial consultations for people who have been charged with a crime, who are under investigation, or who have children facing legal consequences for their actions. If you need effective representation in a Texas violent crime matter, a skilled defense attorney can make a difference. Contact our Dallas violent crime lawyer Hank Judin.

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