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Expunction & Bail Reduction

Expunction, Expungment & Non-Disclosure

Dallas criminal defense attorney Hank Judin provide effective record sealing and expunction services for people looking for a clean start. We also help parents seeking the sealing of juvenile records. The process is not as expensive as you might expect.  Call our offices to set up a free consultation with a Texas expunction attorney.

Bail Reduction

Obtaining a bail reduction is a request we get frequently and is a time sensitive manner.  Bail is a form of security that is paid to the court in exchange for the release of a person charged with a crime.  Bail comes with a pledge that the accused will be present at all court hearings and is determined by the court based on the severity of the crime, the risk of flight, and the financial status of the defendant.  The amount will go up or down depending on these factors.   In certain cases, the defendant may not be eligible for bail.

To get bail lowered or reduced in most cases requires the help of a local and experienced criminal defense lawyer firm, such as JudinLaw who file the necessary motions requesting a reduction in bail and release of the client.  To obtain a bail reduction the following considerations are taken into account:

  • The flight risk of the criminal defendant
  • The seriousness of the offense
  • The issue of whether the individual poses a danger to the community if released

Assuming the the client who has been arrested, has a steady job, family of some sort in the area, has lived in the community for a period of time and has a limited criminal record, the Judge should lower bail or release the person on their own recognizance.

At JudinLaw we have plenty of experience working with bail reduction.  Fill out our form or give us a call to start the process and see if we can help reduce our bail.

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