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Arrested and Under 21 and/or a Minor?

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Don’t let a youthful mishap ruin your adult future.

We represent minors, college students, and other young adults in the Dallas, Park Cities (University Park, Highland Park), Plano, Frisco and other areas of North Texas, who are facing criminal consequences due to drug and alcohol-related offenses, minor theft charges, and other misdemeanor matters.  At the Law Offices of  C.H. “Hank” Judin, III, we serve young offenders and their parents with effective criminal defense representation, record sealing, and expunction services. To discuss a case with an experienced youth offender lawyer, contact our Dallas criminal defense law firm.
In some cases the “mistakes of youth” can have a far-reaching effect on a young adult’s life. Conviction of crime can prevent a student’s admission to a college or stand in the way of a good job opportunity. If you or your child has been cited for a minor offense or an alcohol-related first offense, do not pay the fine without consulting an attorney. Paying a fine is an admission of guilt and is equivalent to a conviction in a court of law. What might seem like the right thing to do could create future complications for a student or young adult.




Criminal defense attorney, Hank Judin, handles youth offender matters including:

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It is important to evaluate the possible impact of first time offenses and misdemeanor charges. At the Law Offices of  C.H. “Hank” Judin, III, we offer free initial consultations for people who have been charged with a crime, who are under investigation, or who have children facing legal consequences for their actions. We advocate for the best interests of students and young adults in Texas criminal matters. We work to arrange effective disposition of charges through deferred prosecution or other alternatives.

If you need effective representation in a Texas criminal law matter, a skilled defense attorney can make a difference. Contact Dallas youth offender lawyer, Hank Judin.

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