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State Drug Charges

At The Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III, we work to provide an effective defense for persons charged with drug offenses in Texas courts and have 30 years experience in handling cases. We firmly believe that an active and energetic defense provides the best opportunity for vindication.

If you have been arrested on drug charges, or if you believe that you are under suspicion for drug crimes, you must act quickly to protect yourself. Do not talk with the police before talking with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney. The Law Offices of C. H. “Hank” Judin, III will work to protect your rights and your freedom.

Our firm defends clients accused of drug charges in Texas state courts, including:

We also defend clients accused of Federal drug charges.

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Search, Seizure & Possession Law

Most Texas drug charges involve legal issues of “search and seizure” or “care, custody and control”. For the layman, these issues can be summarized by these questions:

  • Did the police have probable cause to make the arrest?
  • Does the chain of evidence truly connect the drugs to the accused?

The attorneys of JudinLaw are thoroughly familiar with Texas laws, including the evidentiary and constitutional issues involved in drug cases. Using this knowledge and experience, we will work to develop the most effective defense possible, based on the facts and the law.

Helping You Get the Help You Need

Many drug crimes are the result of drug addiction and dependency. Recognizing this fact, we try to develop a complete solution to our client’s problems. Our first job is to vigorously defend drug charges facing our client. In addition, we can help our client get access to drug treatment counseling and services. Often, this comes as part of an alternative sentencing agreement worked out with the prosecutor.

If you are interested in this type of outcome, we can discuss different possibilities with you. We want to help you address the core issues that are causing your problems.

For a free initial consultation with Texas drug charges lawyers of JudinLaw, call (214) 750-8555 or send us an e-mail.

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