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Former State Rep. Terri Hodge goes from prison to halfway house, other Dallas City Hall corruption defendants soon to be released

As the last two defendants in the Dallas City Hall corruption case, Andrea Spencer and Ron Slovacek, are sentenced next Friday, others convicted in the case are already finishing their sentences.

Former State Rep. Terri Hodge is back in North Texas today (she’s pictured here arriving at DFW airport today) after being released from a federal prison in Lexington Kentucky. She will finish serving the rest of her year-long sentence, set to wrap up June 20, at a halfway house in Hutchins, colleague Gromer Jeffers Jr. reports today.

Co-defendant John Lewis, a former lawyer, is set to be released next Thursday from a Dallas halfway house, prison records show. He pleaded guilty to working with former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill on corruption schemes and got a year in prison.

Allen McGill, the first person to plead guilty in the massive corruption case, finishes his two years in prison on May 4. He is currently being held at a prison on the Texas-New Mexico border.

Brian Potashnik, the former high-profile developer who was a key figure in the corruption scheme, gets out of prison Dec. 20, records show. He is being held at the Seagoville federal prison south of Dallas. He made news earlier this year when it was reported that he was going to spend the month of March “outside federal prison” on work release. Turns out that wasn’t quite the case.

Prison officials had planned to put Potashnik, sentenced to 14 months in prison, with a crew of inmates who, every weekday, are bused to the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve Complex in Grand Prairie to do manual labor. In the afternoons, they are bused back to prison, officials say.

The prison, though, decided not to put Potashnik on that crew in March; he could still be assigned there in the coming months, officials say. The job pays 12 cents an hour, so it’s unlikely he’d be making much of a dent in that $1.25 million in restitution that he owes.

In lieu of an off-site assignment, Jeff Butler, the Seagoville prison spokesman, said that Potashnik is currently earning the same amount doing some work inside the prison walls. His assignment: Helping clean up and repair kennels brought to the prison from the local animal shelter, which is undergoing renovations, Butler said.

–Jason Trahan/Reporter

Source: Crime Blog

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