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Rash of vandalisms in Northwest Dallas neighborhoods

Dallas police are investigating a rash of recent criminal mischief offenses that have occurred in Northwest Dallas.

Police believe that unidentified vandals, most likely juveniles, are driving around neighborhoods and shooting marbles, bbs and other possible projectiles to break the windows out of houses and cars.

On Friday, police detectives were out on foot in the area knocking on doors.

“Right now there’s not enough information for any substantial leads,” said Sgt. Michael Doeringsfeld of northwest patrol. “They’re trying to solicit information and develop possible leads. We’re taking it very seriously.”

The incidents have occurred mostly in the area of Northhaven and Midway roads. Police have recorded about 15 incidents since about mid-March. Neighborhood associations have been sending out alerts for their residents to be on alert.

“They’ve done a lot of damage – thousands of dollars worth of damage,” said Ed Bright, who heads Northhaven Park Neighborhood Association’s crime watch. “If in fact this is a paint ball gun with marbles in it, that could kill somebody. It’s not to be taken lightly.

The latest incidents reported to police occurred Monday night when three homes on Cox Lane were hit with flying projectiles. One of the neighbors reported seeing a dark vehicle with a loud muffler leaving the scene, but the neighbor was not able to identify a make and model of the vehicle.

Eighty two year old Frank Kuenstler’s home was among those targeted. He said he and his wife were about to watch a movie when they heard a loud crash. They searched the house and found that a front bay window with a six-inch hole.

“Had anybody happened to be in my dining room, it could have really done some serious harm,” he said. “It’s very upsetting to me because we also had our two year old great grandson with us. Had he been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he could have been seriously injured, if not killed.”

“I can’t imagine how anybody could find any pleasure out of doing that but I guess they do,” he added.

If anybody has information can call northwest investigative unit at 214-670-6179.

–Tanya Eiserer/Reporter

Source: Crime Blog

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