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3 benefits of pretrial diversion through the Texas drug courts

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

Texas has notoriously harsh laws about drug prohibition. People accused of nonviolent drug offenses can face incarceration and hefty fines under state law. The criminal record that results from conviction will affect their life for years to come.

Fear of the courts is a common reason people give for choosing to plead guilty to drug-related criminal offenses. They think that by avoiding the courtroom for the most part, they will minimize penalties and consequences possible from a drug offense.

Contrary to what many people think, one of the best approaches to handling Texas drug offenses involved frequent court interaction. Non-violent offenders with a chemical dependency issue may qualify for pretrial diversion through the Texas drug courts. This process requires frequent visits with a judge, random drug screening and counseling. However, there are many benefits to engaging more closely with the Texas drug courts.

You connect with rehabilitation services

Perhaps the most powerful benefit of the drug courts in Texas is the focus on treatment and rehabilitation. Rather than treating your substance abuse as a crime, the drug courts see it as a medical issue that requires support. Through counseling, random drug screening and possibly even inpatient treatment, the drug court can help someone achieve sobriety.

You can avoid incarceration and criminal penalties

If you successfully complete pretrial diversion through the Texas drug courts, you won’t face incarceration, fines and the other penalties associated with a criminal conviction. You will need to comply with all of the requirements set by the courts, but careful compliance means that you retain your freedom while receiving support as you transition to sober living.

You can avoid a criminal record

Successful pretrial diversion through the drug courts doesn’t just eliminate criminal penalties. It also prevents you from having a criminal conviction on your record. For those with no other offenses on their record, the drug courts can help them maintain a clean criminal record. Even those with prior blemishes may find that preventing the newest charge from adding to their criminal record will benefit them.

Learning more about different ways to handle pending drug charges can help you get your life back on track after an arrest.