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Is Alternative Sentencing An Option?

In some criminal cases, the state of Texas seeks harsh punishment for offenders. In other cases, however, it may be possible to obtain various outcomes that stress rehabilitation rather than punishment, and which minimize the penalties the offender suffers. It may even be possible to obtain an outcome that avoids a conviction altogether.

In North Texas and statewide, many such alternative sentencing options are available, though not everyone is eligible for them. As an experienced criminal defense firm, Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, can help you understand the rules of these programs and the criteria that prosecutors and courts use in determining who is allowed into them.

Examples Of Sentencing Alternatives

We have helped many clients obtain a range of alternative sentencing outcomes, including the following:

We may be able to help you avoid the worst penalties and find your way forward in a more positive direction.

Shaping The Outcome Of Your Case

Every criminal defendant is different, as are the circumstances of every criminal offense. Recognizing this, Texas prosecutors and courts are receptive to alternative sentencing proposals in many misdemeanor and even felony cases.

Attorney C.H. “Hank” Judin III in Dallas has had much success in negotiating nonprison outcomes and sentences that involve alternatives to conviction. Because of this success, prosecutors and courts throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex trust his word when he makes a proposal. With Mr. Judin on your side, it may be possible to shape the outcome of your case through arguments in support of sentencing alternatives.

The alternative sentencing outcome hinges on the specifics of your case and your history. Our firm can discuss your eligibility, your options and the likelihood of obtaining the court’s approval of such a result.

Get Legal Counsel Promptly For Best Results

After a criminal arrest, for a free initial consultation with a lawyer at Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, call 972-704-1075 or send us an email. If you already have a criminal record, ask us about eligibility for an expunction.