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When Domestic Issues Translate To Domestic Violence Charges

Once the police are called to respond to a claim of domestic violence, somebody usually ends up going to jail. Allegations of domestic abuse or spousal abuse receive quick responses from city and county legal authorities, and frequently domestic violence charges will be filed. At the law offices of Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, in Dallas, Texas, we handle the emotionally charged legal matters associated with domestic violence allegations.

If you are a husband, wife or domestic partner who has been charged with domestic violence, a criminal defense attorney can help. Contact Dallas domestic violence Attorney C.H. “Hank” Judin III to arrange a no-cost consultation. Learn how we can help you clear your name and reclaim access to your home and children.

Providing Free Consultations For This Urgent Matter

At Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, we offer nonjudgmental free initial consultations to discuss your legal situation and your alternatives for addressing it in court. Our Dallas criminal defense law firm handles domestic violence accusations involving issues such as the following:

  • Restraining orders
  • Allegations of assault
  • Claims of sexual assault
  • Violations of protective orders
  • Domestic abuse allegations in family law proceedings

Your legal situation is serious after a domestic violence allegation, an arrest or charges. We will work to keep you out of jail, preserve your freedom and prevent the entering of a misdemeanor or felony in your name if at all possible. We will keep you informed about potential effects to your divorce or child custody case and advise you accordingly. C.H. "Hank" Judin III can help you put this difficult challenge behind you with your current hardships and future interests in mind.

Attorney C.H. “Hank” Judin III brings over 30 years of legal experience to domestic violence matters in Texas. We have gotten charges dismissed and have worked with mediation in many cases involving bitter domestic violence charges.

Let Us Hear From You

If you need a strong defense for spousal abuse or in domestic violence allegations, a skilled trial attorney can make a difference. Call 972-704-1075 or send an email message to schedule a free initial consultation.