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Is Rehabilitation The Real Issue In Your Case?

At C.H. "Hank" Judin III, we take a comprehensive approach to our criminal defense practice. We work at two levels.

We first deal with the criminal charge as effectively as possible through a strong defense of DWI and drug charges.

We also believe in helping our clients deal with the underlying problems associated with drug or alcohol abuse. Whenever it is appropriate, we work with prosecutors and the court to obtain alternative sentencing outcomes involving alcohol or drug treatment, deferred prosecution or probation.

An Arrest For DWI Or A Drug Charge Can Be A Wake-Up Call

Criminal charges require prompt legal advice. They may also be a signal that you have a dependency problem and need help. Call 972-704-1075 for a free initial consultation. Attorney Hank Judin can evaluate your situation and discuss whether a rehabilitation program is the right solution for you.

Is A Rehabilitative Program Right For You?

Not everyone accused of a drug offense or DWI is eligible for the rehabilitation programs available in North Texas. Your particular offense or your prior criminal history may not allow your participation in such a program. If rehab is right for you, we will advocate for you in this direction. Our goal and strategy is to help convince the court and the prosecutor that the accused is committed to obtaining help and that a rehabilitation program stands a reasonable chance of success.

C.H. "Hank" Judin III has helped many clients obtain drug addiction or alcohol addiction treatment so that they could address and overcome their problems. In a free consultation, we can explain the pros and cons of rehabilitation programs and whether the rehab approach is appropriate for you.

Helping You Get The Help You Need

Our firm can work with the prosecutor, the court and treatment professionals to develop a complete solution aimed at lifting the terrible burden of substance addiction from your shoulders. In many cases, this approach is also the best defense in the face of criminal charges.

For a free initial consultation with C.H. "Hank" Judin III, call 972-704-1075 or send us an email.