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Aggressive, Creative Defense For Those Accused Of Crimes

Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, brings people accused of crimes the advantage of decades of experience in criminal defense work in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and beyond. We have a strong track record delivering results for people charged with crimes such as the following:

  • DWI, DUI and related charges such as vehicular homicide
  • Drug offenses involving “street drugs” and prescription drugs
  • Drug manufacturing, distribution and trafficking
  • Domestic violence and other varieties of assault and battery
  • Sex crimes, computer-based crimes and related charges
  • Burglary and theft
  • Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and other white collar crimes
  • State and federal crimes
  • Adult and juvenile crimes

We have extensive experience with juvenile alcohol and drug-related crimes, such as minor in possession (MIP) and minor drug possession cases. At all times, our interest is in the long-term well-being of the defendant as well as a positive resolution of the charges of the moment.

Choose A Knowledgeable, Empathetic Criminal Defense Attorney

Many times, a prosecutor’s case against you cannot be summed up neatly. Multiple issues, such as chemical dependency and other complications, may come into play. We recognize that burglary charges, crimes that are considered white collar and other complex criminal matters may indicate your need for an attorney experienced with a full range of criminal law cases. At the law offices of Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, you will find that trial lawyer ready to evaluate your case.

What if the prosecution’s evidence against you is solid but other factors have led you to this point? We will stand up for your constitutional rights as vigorously as we do for any client. At the same time, we will work hard to devise and implement solutions that suit your unique situation.

In Pursuit Of Alternative Paths Customized To Each Client

Whenever possible, our law firm emphasizes a personalized approach addressing the whole person, not just the alleged crime. We may determine that your tough case will be resolved best through alternative sentencing, such as rehabilitation in place of jail.

At Carl Henry Judin III, Attorney and Counselor, we have ample experience helping adults and juveniles in local, state and federal courts facing all levels of charges. The first step toward a promising strategy for your case is to contact us and share the details of your case. We understand and we are here for you.

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