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How long will it take to complete drug court in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

Drug offenses in Texas could mean jail time and a permanent criminal record. Many professionals will have a hard time getting good jobs if they have a substance-related conviction in their background. Others may find that they can no longer maintain the professional license necessary to keep their jobs.

Obviously, the direct consequences of drug charges can include fines and jail time, but the indirect consequences are also significant. You may feel as though you don’t have an opportunity to defend yourself, as police found you in possession of certain drugs.

Those struggling with substance abuse and accused of certain nonviolent offenses might qualify for adjudication in the adult drug treatment courts instead of enduring a trial in the criminal courts. How long might it take to go through the drug court process?

Drug court usually takes at least a year

Every drug court case is different. The professionals working for the courts have to get to know the defendants and their personal history to tailor the courts’ recommendation to that person’s needs. Typically, the mandatory drug testing and meetings required during drug court proceedings will last for between 12 and 18 months.

There may be a stint of inpatient rehabilitation required, or individuals may need to attend substance abuse education courses or outpatient counseling sessions. Meetings with court professionals and randomized drugs will also be part of the process.

Until someone completes the drug court requirements, they are at risk of ending back up in criminal courts. However, once someone has fulfilled the requirements set by the drug courts, they are ready to move on with their life.

What happens after drug court works?

If you successfully all of the requirements set by the judge presiding over your case, you won’t have to go back to criminal court after drug court. In fact, there won’t be a criminal conviction on your record at all, and you will have effectively avoided all criminal penalties.

The drug counseling and screening required during drug court proceedings can help people overcome chemical dependence so that they no longer struggle with addiction in the future. For many individuals, drug court proceedings would be a better option than simply pleading guilty to an offense directly related to their current substance abuse disorder.